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Miss Biscuit Classes

Included in all courses is a recipe booklet which includes recipes for the Miss Biscuit vanilla base and gingerbread base and also royal icing. Also included after the course, is access to a private Facebook group which allows opportunities for ongoing support/advice as well as sharing success/failures. 

Beginner’s Comprehensive Class – Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane/Perth/Canberra

Recommended for those with no little or no experience with baking and decorating cookies. This course covers:

Baking techniques (reducing spreading/even thickness)
Making royal icing (demonstration)
Introduction to outlining and flooding
Wet on wet techniques
Decorating basic shapes with multiple colours
Decorating stages
Drying/storing/shelf life


Classes are held at the Miss Biscuit Studio at 65a Charles St Seddon, just 7km from the CBD.

Time 10am-3pm

$225 (includes lunch)

Saturday April 29th (Available) BOOK NOW
Saturday May 20th (Available) BOOK NOW
Wednesday May 24th (Available) BOOK NOW
Sunday June 4th (Available) BOOK NOW
Thursday June 22nd (Available) BOOK NOW
Saturday July 15th (Available) BOOK NOW


Classes are held at Congrational Hall, 20a Alexandra St, Hunters Hill, 2110

Time 10am-3pm

$225 (includes lunch)
Saturday 17th June 2017 (Available) BOOK NOW


Classes are held at Bardon Hall, 247b Simpsons Road Bardon QLD 4065

Time 10am-3pm

$225 (includes lunch)

Friday 7th July (available) BOOK NOW
Saturday 8th July (available) BOOK NOW


Classes are held at Cake Tinz n Thingz

September 15th & 16th

Please book through Cake Tinz n Thingz on 08 93451869


Classes are held at La Torta.

June 24th 2017. Please contact La Torta for bookings

Up & Away Intermediate Class – Melbourne/Perth/Canberra


Recommended for those who have completed the Miss Biscuit beginner’s class or for those who have a basic understanding of decorating cookies with royal icing.

The course covers

Simple lace work
Small RI transfers
RI ribbon roses
Colour tips
Detail/lace, outline and flood consistency

Note:A total of 9 designs will be decorated and taken home on the day


10am- 3pm

$225 (includes lunch)
Saturday 22nd April 2017  (SOLD OUT)
Thursday 25th May 2017 (Available) BOOK NOW
Saturday 3rd June 2017 (Available) BOOK NOW


September 17th 2017

Please book through Cake Tinz n Thingz on 08 93451869


Classes are held at La Torta.

June 25th 2017. Please contact La Torta for bookings


Rustic Wedding Intermediate Class – Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane


Recommended for those with some experience outlining and flooding cookies with royal icing. This class will focus on many techniques that can be utilised with flooded cookies as well as reviewing and refining consistencies for different purposes.
This course covers:
Simple lace work
Royal Icing Transfers
Royal Icing Roses
Colour Tips
Reviewing flood, outline and detail consistencies
Edible images
Fondant moulds
Painting with lustre


Classes are held at the Miss Biscuit Studio, 65a Charles St Seddon.

10am-3pm (lunch included) $225

Sunday 16th July (SOLD OUT)
Thursday 24th August (Available) BOOK NOW


The class will be held at Bardon Hall, 247b Simpsons Road Bardon QLD 4065

10am-3pm (lunch included) $225

Sunday 9th July (SOLD OUT)


The class will be held at Congregational Hall, 20a Alexandra St, Hunters Hill, 2110

Friday 16th June 10.00am-3pm $225 (SOLD OUT)
Sunday 18th June 1.30pm-6.00pm (SOLD OUT)

Advanced Course – Melbourne

Recommended for those who have good skills in decorating cookies with royal icing but would like to learn more difficult and advanced techniques

The course covers:

  • Lace work
  • RI transfers
  • RI roses
  • Colour tips
  • Using a Kopykake projector


COST: $225 (includes light lunch)


Wednesday July 26th (available) BOOK NOW


Miss Biscuit V.I.C. night – Melbourne













COST: $45

Very Important Cookiers (V.I.C.) night

Come along for a product demonstration and trial evening. Various cookie decorating tools and products will be available for you to play with and trial. Please note this is not a class and you will not be taught how to decorate cookies. It is aimed at those who already have the basic skills of outlining and flooding cookies. It is an opportunity to watch popular cookie decorating tools in action and then trial it yourself. You will be provided with 8 flooded cookies to play with over the 2 hours.

Product Stations:

Airbrush and stencil genie
Stencilling with royal icing
Using the kopykake projector
Edible art paints
Fondant moulds

Wednesday 5th July 2017 – 6.30pm-8.30pm BOOK NOW

Miss Biscuit Course Terms & Conditions

1. Full payment must be made at the time of booking.
2. No refunds.
3. If you are unable to attend your booked course, you will be issued with a credit note for another course if at least 7 days notice is provided.