Deep Black 100% Cocoa Powder 500g


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Deep Black 100% Cocoa Powder 500g

Unrivalled deep, dark colour, perfect for baking dark cakes, biscuits and icings.

Made from a fine selection of highly alkalised origin cocoa beans with an overwhelming cocoa taste and strong alkali notes.

The process of ‘Dutched’ or Alklised cocoa powders yeilds a less bitter, full-bodied chocolate flavour and more intense colour hues.

Application: Mix this deep black cocoa with regular cocoa to both colour and flavour.

Used to flavour and colour: Gelato, Sorbet, Cakes, Muffins, Brownies, Cookies, Mousses, Macarons, Glazes, Meringue, Drinks.

100% Cocoa, 10-12% Cocoa Butter.

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