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Beginner Royal Icing Christmas Cookie Decorating Class

  • $240.00 (inc. Lunch, snacks and drinks)
  • 10am to 3pm (5 hours)
  • Private Facebook group access
  • Recipe booklet


We are so excited to be able to run classes again in our beautiful new Camberwell store. You will love our classroom, our store, our classes and you will love becoming part of the Miss Biscuit community.

Join us in our well known, comprehensive royal icing cookie class. We teach you everything you need to create the designs pictured and to be able to go home and create your own designs.

Please understand that the Victorian State Government requires us to check your vaccination certificate on entry. If you are not double vaccinated and do not have an exemption please do not book the class. There will be no refunds for failure to provide evidence of vaccination.

We will send you a confirmation email approximately 3-5 days before your class. Your confirmation email will contain parking suggestions and will confirm that you do not need to bring anything.

We are so happy to be teaching again and can’t wait to welcome you back into our classroom.

Beginner Royal Icing Christmas Cookie Decorating Class

What you will learn:

You will learn how to create beautiful and delicious royal icing cookies. We will teach you

  • How to bake the perfect cookie (demonstration)
  • How to make fresh, glossy royal icing from scratch (demonstration)
  • How to make the perfect consistency for different purposes. We will teach you both the one consistency and the two consistency methods.
  • How to decorate multiple designs with multiple steps
  • How to add sprinkles, fondant decorations and gold for added effect
  • How to store your royal icing cookies for optimum shelf life

What's included:

We include everything you need!

We will provide you with an apron, the baked cookies and all of the tools and equipment you will need to create the designs pictured. We will also provide you with a recipe booklet containing our well known vanilla cookie recipe, our recommended gingerbread recipe and our royal icing recipe as well as a box to take your cookies home.

You don’t need to bring anything!