Beginner’s Comprehensive Course Sydney – 2018


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Dietary Requirements



Suitable for those with little or no experience with baking and decorating cookies. This course covers

Baking techniques (reducing spreading/even thickness)
Making, flavouring and colouring royal icing (demonstration)
Consistencies for outlining and flooding
Wet on wet techniques
Decorating basic shapes with multiple colours
Using fondant moulds
Simple painting/shading
Decorating stages
Drying/storing/shelf life/allergy adaptations

Each participant will take home a gorgeous box of 8-9 completed cookies

DURATION: 5 hours

Included in all courses is a recipe booklet which includes recipes for the Miss Biscuit vanilla base and gingerbread base and also royal icing. Also included after the course, is access to a private Facebook group which allows opportunities for ongoing support/advice as well as sharing success/failures.

Classes are held at Miss Biscuit, 55 Darling St Balmain East

10am – 3pm

NB. No refunds are given for booked classes. Credit towards future classes are given if 7 days notice is provided.

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