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Cas’ Cakery Signature Template Heart

  • $220.00 (inc. Snacks and drinks)
  • 1.30pm-4.30pm (3 hours)


Miss Biscuit is thrilled to be welcoming the very talented Cas from Cas Cakery to our Camberwell classroom in July. 

Create this impressive and popular design, using Cas’ signature heart cake template. Learn a variety of modern cake decorating techniques the ‘Cas Cakery way’!

Please note these tickets are not refundable. If you are unable to attend you are able to onsell your spot to someone else. 

Cas Cakery Heart Cake

What you will learn:

You will learn

*How to colour buttercream

*How to pair colours together for a cohesive style

*How to properly load your piping bags

*How to pipe a variety of techniques using multiple tips

*How to use Chocolate Drip and lustre in moulds

*How to arrange dried fruit, macarons and other decorations

*How to properly use a cake template

*How to assemble cake layers

*How to achieve Cas’ ‘signature look’

What's included:

Included in the course is all of the tools and equipment needed to create the cake pictured on the day. You don’t need to bring anything! You will take home a box with your beautifully finished heart cake.