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Class in a Box – Boo!


Make these gorgeous cookies from our new Class in a Box! Our boxes contain everything you need to create these cookies at home including step by step instructions, icing and cookie recipes, tips/tricks sheet, and all the tools needed for these designs including cutters, stencils, piping tips/couplers, piping bags and colours! All you will need is some basic ingredients. See below for the full list of contents.


Have you ever wanted to learn how to create gorgeous cookies? Looking for a gift for someone who loves to bake? Our comprehensive new ‘Class in a Box’ series makes it easy to try something that you have always wanted to learn.

This box contains everything you need including step by step instructions to make the cookie designs pictured.

The box contains

  • Miss Biscuit Sugar Cookie Recipe
  • Miss Biscuit Royal Icing Recipe
  • Miss Biscuit Skull Cutter
  • Tall pumpkin
  • Chefmaster White
  • Chefmaster Sunset Orange
  • Chefmaster Black Diamond
  • Chefmaster Buckeye Brown
  • Chefmaster Leaf Green
  • Black Edible Pen
  • Loyal Round Tip No. 1 x 2
  • Loyal Coupler Pack of 2
  • 25g egg white powder
  • Scribe needle
  • Biodegradable bags x 10
  • Tipless Bags Medium x 10
  • Paintbrush

Cookie and icing ingredients readily available from the supermarket are not included.

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